Luke Day 2020

Over the past few months, the pandemic has affected all of us, especially children. 1 in 30 children in Wake County do not have a comfortable place to lay their heads at night, and NextHome’s beloved French bulldog mascot, Luke, would like to help with that staggering statistic. 

Like any four-legged friend who joins the family, Luke has a birthday that is celebrated each year. In 2019, NextHome set aside “Luke Day,” which is when offices across the country use this special day as an opportunity to step away from business and come together to serve our local communities. Events range from charitable giving, food and school supplies drives, to pet vaccine clinics and adoption events. 

This year, NextHome Triangle Properties is celebrating Luke Day in recognition of  The Green Chair Project‘s 10th birthday, by teaming up in an effort to help children have a comfortable place to sleep and dream big about their future! Click the links below to donate, or purchase an item directly from their Amazon Wish List (NOTE: items from the Amazon Wish List are shipped directly to The Green Chair Project) .

Thank you for celebrating Luke Day by helping uplift the children in our area!          

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To join the Luke Day 2020 online fundraiser to support The Green Chair,  CLICK HERE

To Donate Directly to The Green Chair Project,  CLICK HERE

To Purchase an Item from The Green Chair’s Wishlist, CLICK HERE 

The Green Chair Project, Inc., was co-founded by Jackie Craig and our very own Beth Smoot, in April of 2010. Jackie and Beth are both trained as real estate stagers and in that work, they consistently observed that many people have too much “stuff” in their homes. Yet it is sometimes hard for people to part with their unused items because the items are still good and could be used by “someone”.

After seeing this again and again, the pair decided to start The Green Chair Project as a receptacle for those useful items. The Green Chair then makes the furnishings available at a low cost to individuals and families identified and referred to The Green Chair by its partner agencies. This allows the recipients to participate in a successful transition to self-sufficiency, with dignity, as they furnish their home and create nurturing environments for themselves and their families. For more info or to get involved, visit

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